How to create a custom DVD using ConvertXtoDVD v.3


Add your video files

First you must load the video files you want to convert to a DVD so that you can watch them on any standalone DVD player. Simply click on the green cross to add your videos (1).


ConvertXtoDVD will automatically create a DVD menu and each video file will become a separate titleset (1). Since a DVD disk has certain space the more files you add the worst the quality of the final DVD will be since ConvertXtoDVD will encode them to fit in a single disk. Therefore you can have a look at the "Conversion advisor" (2) to see what the quality will be. For about 1h 30m of video quality will be excellent. For less than 3h you will have pretty good quality. You can watch the movie without any problems.


If you expand the "DVD Options" you can customize the DVD Template, play videos one after another, rename your DVD and choose the text style you like. For more information on how to customize your menu template take a look at the end of this guide in the Tips & Tricks.


ConvertXtoDVD comes with some very good templates which you can see by double clicking on the Template option (1).


In the next screenshot you can see the font adjustments available which appear if you double click on the "Menu text style editor".


Titleset Options

In the DVD menu you can also add thumbnails of each titleset for easier and faster access to them. By default the thumbnail will be taken from the first frame of each video. However you can change it (1).


You can also add subtitles to each titleset. If you had the subtitles in the same folder with each video file and they also have the same name they will be automatically inserted, you should see something like (1 stream) (1). If you don't right click on the "Subtitle (0 stream)" and browse to where you keep them.


A preview window is available by clicking on the preview button (1).


General Settings

You can access more settings by clicking on Settings -> General. The following window will appear.


Here in the "General" tab you can change the location where all DVD files will be placed (1). Be sure that you have many GBs of free space.


In the "Chapters" tab you can create Chapters in each Titleset for easier browsing them. Default value is 5 minutes (1).


Next in "the TV Format" you can select between PAL (for Europe) and NTSC (for US and Asia) (1), as well as adjust the video resolution (2) just in case you want to do this. Default values are ok however.


In the "Encoding" tab you can adjust Encoding Quality/Speed (1). Better quality means worst encoding speed. You choose. You can also select the size of the DVD disk you are going to use, such as DVD-5 or DVD-9 (2).


In the "Burning" tab you can select your DVD disk speed (1) as well as some other options. Speed of 4x is advised for better results.


Convert it!

When you are ready just click on the Convert button and sit back will ConvertXtoDVD encodes your new DVD!


After a while you will be prompted to insert a blank DVD disk in your DVD burner and the burn process will start.


Tips & Tricks

Animated DVD menu with Music

Now ConvertXtoDVD allows you to create an animated DVD menu and even add music to it! When you select a Template you can click on the + next to "Title Menu parameters" to see what items you can customize for the Title Menu. Some templates have more or less customizable items. Here you can change the title text, Background video and background audio (1) in Title menu. If you use a title that is to long you will see that the green circle (2) will become red. So be careful!


Under each video file you added there is a section called "Menu parameters" (1). Here you can define the settings related to the menu for each video file you added. You can edit the text for titles, edit the action buttons that are displayed in the menus and finally you can have a video and/or audio playing in the background.


If you double click on the Background video and Background audio you can select to "Use a custom file" (1), specify at what time in the video file you want the sequence to start from (2) and you can also apply a transparancy effect for your video (3). The values should be between 0 = transparent and 255 = opaque. At the end of  this convertxtodvd guide you can find some animated videos which you can download and use as background video in current templates.


Merge video files

With ConvertXtoDVD you can also merge different video files. Add the first video file you want and right click on it to select "Merge more files to this titleset" (1) or alternatively click on the merge icon on the right side of the window (2).


In the "Titleset content editor" window that will appear click on the video tape icon (1) to merge a file to it. ConvertXtoDVD will join these two files into one removing any playback gap you could have had if you played them separatelly.


The new file will appear next to the first one. In case you have addition subtitles you can add them in the same way. Again remember that if the subtitle file has the same name with the video file it will be automatically imported. When you are finished press the OK button. Imagine this window as a timeline going from left to right.


Now when you return to the main window if you click on "File set" (1) you will see a list of all the files that will be converted! Click on Convert and let the program do the rest for you.